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Symbol 4
The Road towards Light

A Summary Explanation of Symbol No. 4 - The Road towards Light

Living beings evolve from primitive forms of life to higher ones. At a certain stage the religious principle emerges in the mental structure of the living being. This principle underlies not only a religious way of being, but also materialism, all politics and all other kinds of prominent forms of consciousness. This principle is nourished by the principle of world redemption, and guides people to an understanding of the solution to the mystery of life.

The main details of the symbol:

  • The horizontal cone-shaped figure represents a section of the universe itself.
  • The vertical figures that are divided into three each symbolise a living being. The white area symbolises the being’s eternal, highest I; the violet area symbolises its eternal cosmic structure with its faculty and experience, and the coloured area symbolises its physical organism and its consciousness.
  • The fact that the figures increase in size from left to right indicates the beings’ evolution. The coloured areas symbolise the following planes of existence:
      indigo - the mineral kingdom
      red - the plant kingdom
      orange - the animal kingdom
      yellow - the real human kingdom

  • The area between the vertical white line in the animal kingdom and the yellow area symbolises the unfinished human being’s zone of evolution.
  • The yellow ray that extends from a small star to a larger one symbolises the religious principle. This stimulates the development of consciousness from a stage of belief, through materialism and godlessness to cosmic consciousness.
  • Figure II in the small picture on the left shows that the unfinished human being experiences only his physical organism and other created phenomena. The cosmically conscious human being - figure III - experiences both the physical structure and the spiritual one.

See also Martinus' description of symbol no. 4 in The Eternal World Picture 1