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Symbol 6
The Living Being 1

A Summary Explanation of Symbol No. 6 - The Living Being 1

The living being is an eternal triune principle: an "I" - the creator, a "faculty" to create and that which is "created". The three elements of this principle have been named X1, X2 and X3. At core the being is an eternal, immortal "something that is". This core analysis is completely inaccessible to direct physical sensory perception. The being can directly sense only that which is created. And that which is created is perishable. That which is alive in the living being is the I and its eternal or cosmic structure of life. That which is "dead" or perishable is its physical body and other structures that constitute merely created realities.

The main details of the symbol:

  • The uppermost white section symbolises the I or X1 of the living being.
  • The middle section symbolises the I's faculty, that is X2.
  • The bottom section symbolises that which is created, that is X3.
  • The violet colour indicates the mother energy, which is life's highest energy. All the main functions of life are rooted in this energy.
  • The round coloured figures symbolise the I’s basic talent kernels or "spiral centres".
  • The six coloured sections symbolise the created beings:
      red - the body of instinct
      orange - the body of gravity
      yellow - the body of feeling
      green - the body of intelligence
      blue - the body of intuition
      indigo - the body of memory

These bodies constitute the being’s consciousness, through which its creation and experience of life takes place. Because the experience of life is an eternal process of change or creation, these bodies of the basic energies change in accordance with the being’s longing and will. Through this a continuous evolution through six planes of existence is maintained.

The orange circle symbolises the being’s physical body. The rays and the cross indicate its eternal spiritual structure.

See also Martinus' description of symbol no. 6 in The Eternal World Picture 1.