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Symbol 8-9-10
The Three Analyses of the Triune Principle

A Summary Explanation of Symbols Nos. 8, 9, 10 - The Three Analyses of the Triune Principle

The universe is a living being - God. It comprises everything that exists and thereby everything great and everything small, all light as well as all darkness, everything that is intellectual and everything that is unintellectual, all so-called evil as well as all so-called good. Since it comprises all phenomena at the same time, it cannot in itself have any analysis other than the fact that it is "something that is". This "something that is" has exactly the same three analyses or three X's as all other living beings. X1 is the directing I of the universe, X2 is its ability to experience and create, and X3 is that which is created.

The main details of the symbol:

Symbol no. 8: The Divine Something - X1

The white disc symbolises the eternal I of the universe - X1. This I represents everything that exists in its unmanifested form. It also constitutes the I in every living being.

Symbol no. 9: The Living Being's Creative Faculty - X2

  • The I of the universe has an eternal creative faculty, that is, X2.
  • The violet disc with the large dark area in the centre and the many small dark round figures at the edge symbolise the eternal principle that allows the divine something, X1, to appear as the "one" large being and the "many" small beings within the large being. The large being's faculty to create and experience is promoted by the small beings.
  • The violet colour denotes the highest basic energy of the faculty to create, namely, the mother energy.

Symbol no. 10: That which is Created - X3

The symbol represents the result of the X1 and X2 of the universe. This result is the created universe - X3.
The coloured sections represent the universe’s fields of consciousness or the six planes of existence:
  red - the sphere of instinct - the plant kingdom
  orange - the sphere of gravity - the animal kingdom
  yellow - the sphere of feeling - the real human kingdom
  green - the sphere of intelligence - the kingdom of wisdom
  blue - the sphere of intuition - the divine world
  light indigo - the sphere of memory - the kingdom of bliss

See also Martinus's description of symbols nos. 8, 9 and 10 in The Eternal World Picture 1.