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Symbol 46
The Human Being’s Atomic World and the Basic Energies

A summary explanation of symbol no. 46 – The Human Being’s Atomic World and the Basic Energies

The symbol shows the micro-universe and atomic world of the human being enlarged so as to take on the gigantic proportions of an entire firmament. We see that such a stellar system is not merely a dark space with some shining suns but that the basic energies constitute the electrical forces in the empty space between the suns. The basic energies that create our thoughts create corresponding physical areas in our organism. On the symbol we see six universes:

  • Green – the universe of intelligence – the brain and nervous system
  • Yellow – the universe of feeling – the heart, lung and blood system
  • Orange – the universe of gravity – the stomach and digestive system
  • Blue – the universe of intuition – the genital organ system/the sexual system
  • Red – the universe of instinct – the musculature and skin
  • Indigo – the universe of memory – the skeleton, hair and nails.

Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 5, which is not yet available in English.