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Symbol 48
Illness in the Human Organism

A summary explanation of symbol no. 48 – Illness in the Human Organism

The symbol shows a defective organism. The defects originate in the mental areas. In the blotchy areas in the organism there is illness.

We see, for example, illnesses in the musculature and the skin area, the whole of which should be red.

The blood and lung system, the whole of which should be yellow, has been penetrated by the energy of gravity, perhaps from the stomach.

In the stomach area, which should have been coloured orange alone, there is a lot of yellow. This symbolises that there is inflammation, ulcers, poor digestion and constipation.

Down in the microworld we see these illnesses as explosions. It is down in this world that the thoughts can influence illness. People can gradually learn to concentrate mentally on the areas in the microworld where there is illness. The thoughts are the vital energy, which, through the atoms, become physical matter. Therefore it is a matter of having thoughts that can create the right vital energy, and not thoughts that make the atoms tear away from one another or collide and explode.

The symbol shows the principle that illnesses can occur in all parts of the organism. In practice, however, it could never be so bad that it occurs in all places at the same time. A human being could not live with a body that was devastated to such an extent.

Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 5, which is not yet available in English.