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Symbol 57
The Explosion of Electrons in the Human Being’s Atomic World

A summary explanation of symbol no. 57 – The Explosion of Electrons in the Human Being’s Atomic World

As in symbol 56 we see here an atom of gravity with its emission of energy to the two small electrons. But here something has happened. This human being has become hot-tempered, and the energy of gravity has become far too heated, thus overcharging the atoms. This overcharging has to be activated, thereby causing the electrons to leave their course. They can then be drawn together, resulting in an explosion. But they can also move away from one another and move out of the area to which they belong.

The symbol shows a collision between only two electrons, but a human being would unable to notice this at all. It takes perhaps thousands or millions of tiny collisions to make a tiny pimple. The symbol shows merely the principle.

Between the atom and the electrons we have the spiritual world or the consciousness. We see that something has happened in the mental processes in the consciousness, causing foreign electrons to pass over into the area of feeling (yellow). The black-red figures, which always symbolise that which is degenerating, show decay in the mentality, and a disease of the stomach, for example, can arise, which can create a corresponding state of mental suffering. When someone becomes hot-tempered, it is not merely the stomach or the digestive system that malfunctions but the other parts of the sphere of consciousness malfunction too.

Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 5, which is not yet available in English..