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Symbol 66
The Human Being in the Perfect Thought Climate

A summary explanation of symbol no. 66 – The Human Being in the Perfect Thought Climate

The symbol shows the radiantly healthy human organism in a state where everything is normal. The colours of the basic energies are placed on the various parts of the organism. The energy of instinct in the musculature (red) and the energy of memory (indigo) in the skeleton are, however, placed at the bottom of the symbol.

We see that the energy of intuition (blue) is at work in the sexual area, and the energy of intelligence (green) is at work up in the area of the brain. In each of these two areas we see a figure. The lowest figure symbolises the ordinary or primary pole, which has to do with sexuality. For the man it is the masculine pole and for the woman it is the feminine pole. The uppermost figure symbolises the secondary or opposite pole, which has to do with intellectuality: art, science, humaneness and all the many humane characteristics. In the man it is the feminine pole and in the woman it is the masculine pole. It is this pole or the humane aspects of the human being that are developing.

The secondary pole grows downwards towards the primary pole, and the two poles shall grow together and become one. It is these poles that determine the being's mental life and way of thinking. The poles are essential to this explanation because they contribute to determining what the being thinks, and thought contributes to determining the body's health or ill-health.

The human being will become perfect and experience the great birth only when the secondary pole has grown down and become equal to the primary pole.

Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 5, which is not yet available in English.