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Symbol 67
Animal and Vegetarian Food

A summary explanation of symbol no. 67 – Animal and Vegetarian Food

The symbol shows the food that is suitable for various steps in evolution.

The round figure in the upper left corner symbolises the human being as a life unit. The dotted lines that emanate from there to the various steps show that the terrestrial human being's field of nutrition extends from meat life units, over root, seed and leafy products, to pure fruit flesh.

The lowest step shows the animal kingdom (orange). For many animals, eating other animal beings is a condition of life. Such a being is symbolised by the round figure on the right of this step. The triangle in the middle shows its I, the white area its mental world and the orange area its physical organism. Animal beings are thinking beings, regardless of whether they be human beings, animals or beings down in the world of atoms. They can feel pain; they can be anxious and afraid etc. The zigzag line on the lowest step symbolises the coarse vibrations of meat. The digestion of such food takes a lot of energy.

The next step shows the stage of the terrestrial human beings. They find themselves at a stage between the animal and the real human being (yellow). Here the round figure on the right symbolises the coarse plant food, and its vibrations are shown by the zigzag line in the middle of the step. This food is well suited to terrestrial human beings, whose vibrations are symbolised by the dotted zigzag line at the top of the same step.

On the third step, which shows the stage of the real human kingdom, the zigzag line symbolises the vibrations of fruit flesh. These vibrations are a little smaller than those of the terrestrial human being. For this reason terrestrial human beings cannot make do with such food. Their digestive organs have to be filled up in order to be able to function.

The terrestrial human being's present ideal food is thus a combination of plant food and fruit with a gradual development towards more and more fruit. Fruit flesh will be the ideal food for the completely evolved human beings of the future.

Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 5, which is not yet available in English.

(Note: Martinus has made three variations of this symbol, which have been reproduced as symbols 38, 67 and 67A.)