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Symbol 72
The Fate Element and Talent Kernels during Incarnation

A summary explanation of symbol no. 72 – The Fate Element and Talent Kernels during Incarnation

The symbol shows the same as symbol no. 71 but is supplemented with arrows that illustrate the interplay of the principle of talent kernels with the incarnated physical organism.

The talent kernels in the fate element, which are situated in the superconsciousness, survive in the spiritual world until the being is once again due to be born in the material world. In the womb these talent kernels make a connection with the talents of the mother and father, and the new embryo is formed. The quality of the embryo will depend on its own talent kernels.

On the symbol we see that the talent kernels for the building up of certain organs are destroyed to such an extent that the body will have corresponding defects. This damage to the talent kernels occurred in previous lives. The cause cold have been the consumption of drastic, harmful substances, such as narcotics, alcohol and tobacco, that destroy the body and thereby also the talent kernels. But eating meat during several lives also creates the same destructive state, because the nature of the human being is now far too refined for it to be able to live on such coarse food as that which causes violence and killing.

When so many people today lack a normal intellectual capacity or are behind in school and so on, it is due to the fact that they have more or less destroyed some of their organs in previous lives. But people can overcome these effects when they find the strength and energy to get out of the habit of their erroneous way of living.

Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 5, which is not yet available in English.

(Note: The three symbols nos. 71, 72 and 73 also form part of the combined symbol no. 74.)