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Symbol 74
The Defective Organism and the Fate Element

A summary explanation of symbol no. 74 – The Defective Organism and the Fate Element

The symbol shows the karma that arises from the behaviour of human beings towards themselves. They do many things in good faith that are directly destructive to their organism.

The round, violet area in the middle symbolises the being's superconsciousness. Here, in the inner orange ring, we the talent kernels for the building up of the physical organism. The outer orange ring symbolises the physical body with its various organs.

The brown and dark areas in the talent kernels show that they are defective. The defects are a result of the way they have treated themselves in previous lives. The defects are transferred to the new physical organism and are seen here as the brown and dark areas on the affected organs. We can actually be dealing with a mentality that is in decay. The decay can arise through the consumption of drugs or alcohol or the smoking of tobacco, and it can also arise from destructive thoughts, bitterness, anger and so on. It is altogether something that originates from the being's behaviour toward itself.

The symbol shows this culminating degree of destruction in the form of total mental retardation. The destruction has arisen as an illness that has grown slowly over several years and is caused by a perpetually destructive way of life. It therefore always appears as an innate illness.

The destruction will reach a maximum or a culmination, and from there it will turn around. A longing for normality will arise again. By gradually building up natural habits and talents over some lives, the individual recreates a healthy organism – and it will be all the richer for its difficult experiences.

Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 5, which is not yet available in English..
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(Note: The three previous symbols, nos. 71, 72 and 73, form part of this symbol.)