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Symbol 75
The Destruction of a Human Being's Talent Kernels

A summary explanation of symbol no. 75 – The Destruction of a Human Being's Talent Kernels

(Martinus left behind a manuscript with an introductory text about the content of this symbol, but he never got around to providing an actual explanation of the symbol in written or oral form.)

The symbol shows a human being that lives in a terrible, debilitating and lethal war again its own microbeings and is thereby at war with itself. This war can be called the "black fire". It is a fire that is lit in the human organism through an insatiable hunger for certain substances that add fuel to the black fire. These substances can be alcohol, nicotine and drugs. They cause mental short circuits, causing the human being to become abnormal. Repeated consumption of these substances bring about changes in the human being's mind. Normal micro-life units can no longer incarnate in the organism, and instead micro-life units that are more lowly evolved incarnate there. These units demand alcohol, nicotine or drugs in order to thrive. The alcoholic, smoker and drug addict are therefore encumbered by an unquenchable desire for these substances and continues his or her abuse.

The more lowly evolved cells cannot carry out the activity of the normal cells, and the organism therefore sinks more and more down into primitivity and helplessness. The black fire ravages the organism, and it becomes increasingly difficult to escape its flames. The fire can, in the worst case, destroy the inside of the being's organism and cause a premature, unnatural death. The destruction spreads to the talent kernels in the fate element in the superconsciousness. The talent kernels are damaged and can give rise to the being being reborn with a mental defect that can culminate in mental retardation.

Narcotic substances are the most destructive, but substances such as hash, for example, are also dangerous because they can easily cause the development of a deadly thirst for drugs that certainly destroy the consciousness, such as opium and the like. The mental force or vibration of these drugs attacks the intuitive and high-psychic abilities and sets of senses and thereby the fledgling cosmic consciousness that is already developing in the human beings. It is these abilities that shall turn the beings into finished human beings or Christ-beings. Here we are at life's greatest derailment. But God is with us in this darkness too. Here God has let us get to the end of the road in order to experience what it means to be without God.

At the turning point the individual again longs to be normal and begins to build up a new existence through healthy habits and talents. It can, however, take three or four lives' training to achieve this.

Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 5, which is not yet available in English.