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Symbol 76
The Cosmic Spiral Cycle 2. The Imperfect Human Being

A summary explanation of symbol no. 76 – The Cosmic Spiral Cycle 2. The Imperfect Human Being

This symbol is a continuation of the symbol with the seven spirals (symbol no. 14 - The Cosmic Spiral Cycle 1). Here in symbol no. 76 we see 18 spirals. According to Martinus, 18 spirals are needed in order to explain the whole world system. He observed all the 18 spirals and the principles they represent, but did not get around to analysing them in detail.

The main principle is that the seven types of spirals (from symbol no. 14) are repeated over and over again, resulting in an eternal chain of spiral cycles. After every seventh cycle, spirals of the same type start all over again, but with other forms of life. Above us in the macrocosmos and below us in the microcosmos we meet infinity.

Each of the seven types of spirals has its own symbol, which is shown on both sides of the spirals/sections. Human beings belong to the seventh spiral from the top, which is indicated by a ring with a cross-shaped figure. The organ spiral is shown below that, indicated by four heart-shaped figures; and above that the planetary spiral is shown, indicated by a star-shaped figure. (For the other types of spirals, see symbol no. 14.) Next to every spiral is also shown an area with dark patches and a bright area. These dark and light areas symbolise what Martinus calls “the strokes of eternity”, darkness and light.

In the oval figure in the middle, we see the imperfect human being and the basic energies of which it consists. The energy of instinct permeates the musculature, the energy of gravity the stomach, the energy of feeling the lung and heart system, the energy of intelligence the brain area and the energy of memory the skeleton. The energy of intuition is connected to only the sexual organs in the human being, where it is experienced unconsciously.

At the edge of the oval figure the aura of the human being is shown, an aura that contains, among other things, areas that are effects of its unfinished sides. Here we see the effects of excesses, which are a mixture of the energy of gravity, evil and intolerance, and there is also a mixture of other energies.

In the aura’s area of feeling a grey area is shown. The fact that it is grey means that that part of the human being lies fallow. There is a large part of the brain and other spiritual organs that is not yet in use, but is waiting for cosmic consciousness.

Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 5, which is not yet available in English.