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Symbol 85
The Spiritual Structure of the Earth in the Animal Kingdom

A summary explanation of symbol no. 85 – The Spiritual Structure of the Earth in the Animal Kingdom

General notes on symbols nos. 78-85
Symbols nos. 78-85 show the Earth’s various epochs of evolution. The Earth is a living being and, like all other living beings, goes through the spiral cycle. In the middle of the symbols we see the Earth’s physical body. The surrounding coloured rings of rays symbolise the Earth’s spiritual world or spheres of consciousness. The large ring of rays shows the Earth’s day-consciousness in the particular epoch of evolution. The circle of jagged figures in the middle of the large ring of rays symbolises the pole structure. During evolution the energies in the other areas grow and occupy the day-consciousness; they then degenerate and fade away into the inner rings.

The Earth’s spiritual world is populated partly by beings that are passing through because of reincarnation and partly by beings that are resident in this area.

Explanation of symbol no. 85
The symbol show the Earth’s spiritual structure in the animal kingdom and the terrestrial or unfinished human being’s sphere.

  • Red symbolises the declining plant kingdom
  • The large star-shaped ring, which is orange, the colour of the energy of gravity, symbolises the Earth’s day-consciousness.
  • The circle of jagged yellow and green figures in the large star-shaped ring symbolises the pole structure. The yellow figures symbolise female beings and the green figures symbolise male beings.
  • Yellow symbolises the stage of the real human being, which is moving closer to the middle.

Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 6, which is not yet available in English.