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Symbol 90
The living Being 1. Night-Consciousness

A summary explanation of symbol no. 90 – The living Being 1. Night-Consciousness

The symbol shows that the day-consciousness has passed over to the body of feeling (yellow). Previously it was the body of gravity (orange) that bore the physical day-consciousness. Now it is the night-consciousness, that is, the body of feeling, that bears the consciousness. When people sleep, or when they have died, so to speak, and left the material plane, their consciousness is borne by a spiritual body, the body of feeling.

  • The symbol shows a living being; it can be a human being or an animal.
  • The uppermost white area symbolises its I.
  • The middle of the three sections symbolises its superconsciousness, that is, its ability to create and experience.
  • The lowest section symbolises the subconsciousness with the day-consciousness and the night-consciousness.
  • The six coloured figures symbolise the six bodies of the basic energies. There is a body for each basic energy: a body of instinct (red), a body of gravity (orange), a body of feeling (yellow), a body of intelligence (green), a body of intuition (blue) and a body of memory (indigo).
  • The round yellow figure with the triangle in the middle symbolises that the being has died and left the material plane. It is now day-conscious on the spiritual plane and lives with its consciousness transferred to the body of feeling.

Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 6, which is not yet available in English.