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Symbol 91
Through Death 1

A summary explanation of symbol no. 91 – Through Death 1

The symbol shows the spiritual planes that we experience after death.

The colour orange at the bottom symbolises the terrestrial plane, and the small vertical sections symbolise the nature of the beings. The white section symbolises their humane aspects, and the dark section symbolises their animal aspects.

Furthest to the left we see the animal and the primitive human beings. During evolution from the left to the right the darkness and the animal aspects gradually decrease, and the human being become increasingly humane, finally becoming a finished human being, which is symbolised by the white section furthest to the right.

Immediately above the orange figure we see the human being's notion of a kingdom of heaven and a hell in the first sphere of the spiritual world. Hell is symbolised by the figure with the skull and crossbones and the flames in the black section. The kingdom of heaven is symbolised by the golden city in the white section.

The white section of the figure furthest to the right symbolises the perfect human being that has within itself neither darkness nor animal aspects and, with absolute day-consciousness, passes over to the spiritual plane.

After the first sphere, the as-yet unfinished human being moves onwards through the spiritual world. The coloured sections (yellow, green, blue, indigo and red) symbolise the cycle's spiritual kingdoms that the beings go through before they are to be reborn on the physical plane (orange).

Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 6, which is not yet available in English.