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Symbol 93
The One-Poled Being

A summary explanation of symbol no. 93 - The One-Poled Being

The symbol shows the consciousness of the animal or one-poled being. The two round figures symbolise the two poles, the green expressing the masculine pole and the yellow the feminine pole. The symbol shows a male being, in which the masculine pole dominates. It is that which promotes the animal principle in the man or the male being. The feminine, latent pole promotes the entire spiritual or humane aspect of the man. In women or female beings the opposite is the case; here the feminine pole dominates and the masculine pole is latent. The violet sections symbolise the superconsciousness, within which the poles, the fate element and the talent kernels are situated. The area between the two thick horizontal lines symbolises the subconsciousness. The colour red (the energy of instinct) and the colour orange (the energy of gravity) show that these are the main constituents of the animal consciousness. It makes use of mainly the killing principle. The colour yellow shows that the animal has also a little feeling.

Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 6, which is not yet available in English.