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Symbol 95
The Double-Poled Being

A summary explanation of symbol no. 95 – The Double-Poled Being

The symbol shows the most highly evolved human being, which has cosmic consciousness. The poles have become equal; the masculine pole and the feminine pole are in balance. The state of killing originating from the ordinary pole has disappeared. The pole of love has grown, and the two poles have made contact with one another.

The areas above and below the two thick horizontal lines symbolise the superconsciousness. The area between the two thick horizontal lines symbolises the subconsciousness.

The sphere of feeling (yellow) is highly evolved; it is filled with humaneness. The sphere of intelligence (green) is in harmony with that of feeling. Feeling is intellectualised; it is logical. Feeling and intelligence are in balance, which is the same as love. The being has an enormous degree of love, and has therefore an enormous degree of intuition. It is completely conscious on the spiritual planes and in the mystery of the entire universe.

Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 6, which is not yet available in English.