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Symbol 96
Through Death 3. Pole Evolution and the Spiritual Planes

A summary explanation of symbol no. 96 – Through Death 3. Pole Evolution and the Spiritual Planes

The symbol shows what the being experiences after death.

The bottom part of the symbol symbolises the physical plane (background colour orange), and the upper part symbolises the spiritual plane. The oval figures below the transverse black section symbolise seven particular types of being.

The figures show seven different stages that the human being goes through in the course of its evolution, which arises through the transformation of the poles. We see that the human being has two poles. The round yellow figure symbolises the feminine pole, and the green one symbolises the masculine pole. Evolution results in the two poles becoming equal. Then the human being is neither a man nor a woman, a he or a she. Then it is in God's image, a real human being.

  • The first of the seven oval figures symbolises the animal or animal-like human being, which has a lot of instinct and gravity (red and orange). On the spiritual plane the being spends most of its time in the red and orange section.
  • The second oval figure symbolises a child of nature/primitive human being, that has a little more feeling and a small amount of intelligence. It begins to have a brief experience of purgatory (greyish brown) after death. After purgatory the primitive human being will experience the plane of instinct and gravity (red and orange). It experiences only a little of the higher spiritual spheres.
  • The third oval figure symbolises the ordinary religious human being of our time. We see that a lot of feeling (yellow) has emerged, and that the intelligence (green) has developed. There is also some intuition shown in blue at the top of the symbol. Since the being has more feeling, it will experience its paradise after death in the real human kingdom (yellow).
  • The fourth oval figure symbolises the materialist who has a lot of intelligence (green). Materialism and atheism cause purgatory (greyish brown) to be very extensive. In the spiritual world it will experience a longer time in the kingdom of wisdom (green), which corresponds to the being's structure of consciousness in the physical world.
  • The fifth oval figure symbolises the genius. We see that the beginnings of a strong intuition (blue) in its consciousness and a lot of intelligence and feeling. This means that it is a very loving being.
  • The sixth oval figure symbolises a being that beings to get cosmic glimpses. In its structure of consciousness it has a lot of intuition and it begins to have cosmic consciousness. Intelligence and feeling are in balance, which means love.
  • The seventh oval figure symbolises a being that has reached the state of perfection. It is double-poled and has cosmic consciousness. Intuition takes up an even larger part of its superconsciousness. On the spiritual plane it will have a long stay in the real human kingdom (yellow), the kingdom of wisdom (green) and the divine world (blue).

Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 6, which is not yet available in English.