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Other books by Martinus
Life is thus the greatest and most important school in existence. It is the very book of books. It is the very source from which all wisdom unfailingly stems. And since no one can exist without their life being a “reading” of this book, no can exist without being “taught” by this book either. But since being “taught” by this “book” is the same as being perfected, everyone is thus subject to a process of being perfected.
(Logic, Introduction)

Rather early on in his body of work Martinus published two shorter works: Logic and Bisættelse (On Funerals). Logic is a kind of introductory book describing many of the main principles in his analyses; Bisættelse (On Funerals), which is not yet available in English, deals with our responsibility for the microcosmos within our organism, and includes an analysis of future humane forms of funerals.

Two other books have been published in the original Danish and are not yet available in English translation.

Collection of Articles 1 contains Martinus’ collected articles published in the magazine Kosmos from 1933-1983. Intellectualised Christianity consists of posthumous manuscripts from the 1970s until his death in 1981, when he was preparing the first publication of his works under the common title The Third Testament.



Martinus himself describes this book as follows: “A handbook for beginners in the investigation of eternal problems. It promotes the development of the ability to understand my main work Livets Bog (The Book of Life). It displays precisely that material that is the only road to true understanding of life for modern man. It is science in that its content takes the form of a detailed justification of the way these conclusions have been reached that is verifiable by others.” 288 pages.


Bisættelse (On Funerals)

(Not yet available in English)

Provides a profound insight into the universe of living microbeings that make up our organism. With our thoughts and our way of living we create the climate and natural conditions for these microbeings. Our health is dependent on a loving cooperation with our microbeings, which are also our “neighbours”. We have a responsibility for the fate of this microworld, even after we ourselves have left the physical body. Also describes the funeral methods of the future. 163 pages.


Collection of Articles 1

(Not yet available in English)

This book contains 45 articles by Martinus that were published in the magazine Kosmos from 1933 to 1983. Martinus’ articles each deal with a specific aspect of spiritual science. They often deal with people’s understanding of the “speech of life” and themes of current interest. He regards his articles and lectures as a kind of display window for spiritual science, and hoped that they would first and foremost inspire people to work towards a higher level of morality and a loving way of being. 427 pages.


Intellectualised Christianity

(Not yet available in English)

A collection of posthumous, unfinished manuscripts by Martinus from the 1970s until his death in 1981 when he was preparing the first publication of his works under the common title The Third Testament. He provides a detailed account of his background, his mission and his reason for calling his work The Third Testament. He describes the connection between intellectualised Christianity and the two previous epochs represented by The Old Testament and The New Testament respectively. He also explains that the “second coming of Christ” is the evolution of consciousness that all people go through. In addition he gives an impression of the core content of his spiritually scientific world picture and the science of universal love that is manifested in his main work. 260 pages.