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Special Kosmos articles

On this page we publish some Kosmos articles of particular interest, for example articles that are often referred to or articles that, because of their length, have not been published in Kosmos.

1. Paul Brunton on Martinus
- by Poul Brunton, English Kosmos no. 4, 1990, 10 pages.

In 1949 Paul Brunton read a summary of Martinus' teachings and a translation of his book "Mankind and the World Picture".  These inspired Brunton to study with Martinus, and from May to August 1952 he lived with his wife at the Martinus Institute in Copenhagen where he spent 2-4 evenings a week with him. In these sessions Martinus systematically explained his symbols for Brunton, and Brunton had the opportunity to have his many questions discussed.  "Mankind and the World Picture" has not yet been published since the translation needs to be revised.  The following article was written in the 1950's by Brunton as a Foreword to "Mankind and the World Picture". (MMcG)