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Voluntary Work



The faithful love and selflessness of the volunteers is for me a gratifying example of the fact that the spirit of the cosmic analyses has been brought to life.
(Lecture by Martinus in Klint, 01.07.1962)

Throughout the year, about 1200-1500 people participate in the Martinus Centre’s courses. Most of them rent accommodation at the Centre and eat at Terrassen, the Centre’s vegetarian restaurant.

Running a course centre with so many guests requires a lot of work. It is characteristic of the Martinus Centre that the vast majority of the work is done by unpaid volunteers. They work with all the Centre's various tasks, such as teaching, reception, cleaning, cooking, gardening, building, carpentry, plumbing and painting.

For example, there are about 40 voluntary teachers. The kitchen also requires a great deal of work - on the busiest days during the summer the kitchen staff serve a vegetarian dinner for up to about 240 guests. And the Centre’s many buildings and grounds require a lot of maintenance and renovation, which attracts skilled voluntary craftsmen during many parts of the year.

Three times a year there are special work weeks - at Easter, in mid-June and in the autumn holiday. During these weeks up to 150 volunteers meet to carry out numerous tasks in the Centre. There are also lectures and ample opportunity for inspiring social interaction with others who are interested in Martinus.

All this voluntary work thus means that the Martinus Centre can perform its tasks and continue to evolve - not only as an educational centre but also as a cultural centre characterised by the new humane world culture. A distinctive feature of this new culture is that people feel inspired to cooperate in a light and loving atmosphere.

The Centre Managers, Charlotte Anderson and Eigil Kristensen are responsible for the daily running of the Centre's many activities. See a presentation of Charlotte and Eigil on the list of the Institute’s permanent staff.