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Table of Contents for Cosmic Consciousness   


Cosmic Consciousness
Chapter 1
Cosmic consciousness and God's creation of light
Nearly two thousand years ago sounded the angels' promise of "peace on Earth". Peace on Earth, however, is not something that can easily be attained. It cannot in a miraculous way be produced in a moment; it requires thousands of years, indeed, even millions of years to reach the point where it becomes the complete divine blessing that it is intended to be in the divine world order. The fact is that real peace is the same as "cosmic consciousness".
      What then is "cosmic consciousness"? Cosmic consciousness is the same as the result of a meeting between and a fusion of a force within the individual that is directed towards external Nature and its surroundings and a force from Nature that acts on and overshadows the individual. In the Bible this mutually attracting force in the individual and Nature is described as the command of "Providence" or God: "Let there be light". This light was thus the first act of Creation and can therefore not have been from the sun, the moon, the stars or any other forms of light, for in the Bible these phenomena were the results of Creation's third day. It is therefore certain that it must be expressive of something quite different from what we are accustomed to understand by it. If light was the very first thing to be created or manifested, it existed before anything else. It "shone" already at a time when there were neither stars, planets, human beings, animals nor plants. But as it was therefore before everything else, it can have been only that which always comes before the living being's manifestation and experience, namely a wish, a desire and a will. Without these factors no form of creation, from a cosmic point of view, would be possible.

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