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Table of Contents for The Road to Initiation   


The Road to Initiation
Chapter 1
Daily life on Earth is a divine fairy tale
The road to the organic initiation, which I, in "Livets Bog (The Book of Life)", have called the "great birth", can be summed up in one word: "humility". Humility is not an inferiority complex born of a slavish mentality that is subservient to other people, but is, on the other hand, the same as a pure, real and absolutely normal perception of one's own imperfection or mental limitation. With such true knowledge of oneself, one's consciousness opens, and thereby also one's respect and veneration towards all real perfection in whom and wherever it may appear. One is automatically attuned to the most perfect way to one's own further evolution towards the eternal light. Humility can therefore be expressed as the key to the "gate of wisdom". The "gate of wisdom" will here be understood as "initiation", the "great birth", which in turn is the same as "cosmic clear-sightedness".
      All human beings are on the road to this "gate of wisdom". In other words, this means that even daily, earthly life is actually a great fairy tale. This fairy tale differs from all other fairy tales in that it is not, like them, merely a poem, a fable, an artistically staged performance, but the realistic truth. This fairy tale is a revelation of a humanity that is travelling forwards and upwards towards a radiant experience, a divine salvation from sorrow and suffering, a meeting with the "Godhead" himself.

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