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Table of Contents for The Principle of Reincarnation   


Unnatural Fatigue
Chapter 1
Fatigue and depression among all classes of society
Nowadays there is a very high incidence of the affliction that we call "fatigue". There are people who can be so tired that they feel they could lie down to rest flat on the ground almost regardless of where they happen to be. It is self-evident that such fatigue is a great inconvenience. Few people are so well off that they do not have to work for a living. And in such a case the person in question will become even more broken down since the fatigue begins to be a strain on his nerves. He begins to become anxious about his finances, anxious about losing his job. With every day that passes he loses courage to face life. In this case fatigue ultimately turns into depression, which in turn can lead to nervous breakdown, listlessness and suicide.
      Yet it is not merely people who are forced to earn a living that can be anxious and broken down by unnatural fatigue. Financially independent people can of course also suffer from fatigue. Even though they are financially free and independent, most people have, however, some kind of business for which they are responsible and that earns them a living. Here unnatural fatigue can of course also intervene and break such a person down when he begins to notice that he has almost no energy to attend to his business. Indeed, there is no form of existence whatsoever, whether among rich or poor, that cannot be taken over and destroyed by unnatural fatigue.
      We find it and its attendant depression within all classes of society. Depression can, in its turn and in the worst cases, lead to mental illness and suicide.

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