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Table of Contents for The Road of Life   


The Road of Life
Chapter 1
The eternal road
All the people of the world are on the move. They are travelling an extraordinary road. It is not a road that can be measured in kilometres or light-years, for such do not exist in its dimensions. It has absolutely no length or size in physical space. It is infinite. And it is likewise devoid of limitation in time. It is eternal. Nonetheless it constitutes a passage over untrodden and stony terrains. It goes up steep mountains as well as down through deep abysses. It goes through the coldness and the icy wastes of polar regions, through the sandstorms of tropical deserts and onwards through the death-terrains of battlefields, spheres of sickness and invalidity and many other shifting panoramas in the domain of darkness. Thereafter the eternal road goes over sparkling and shining worlds in culminating art and science, in wisdom and love; worlds in which one lives with the Godhead in the creation of the government of the universe, the coming into existence of suns and milky ways, the domains of life for mankinds and animal kingdoms of new worlds, and other culminating revelations of love of the Godhead at the pinnacle of light. On this cosmic or eternal Road of Life terrestrial mankind finds itself still on its way through the domain of darkness. But here mankind has long ago begun to turn its gaze away from the night-black spheres of war and death towards the eternal light on the heights, in the culmination of the Godhead's love. This is the unshakable goal for the entire unfolding of life for terrestrial mankind. Every single human being, indeed every single living being will come to experience this divine flood of rays and become one with the Godhead.

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