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Chapter 6
The principle of materialisation and the "virgin birth" of Jesus
Now, one may perhaps be tempted by the above to conclude that Jesus could after all have been born of a virgin and that his physical appearance was an artificially maintained materialisation. The answer to that must be that this lies totally outside the bounds of possibility. His existence from birth through childhood and youth to his crucifixion and death in maturity proceeded in an entirely normal way. If this period of his life was not as described in the Bible no one could ever have inflicted on his body any kind of suffering or crucifixion whatsoever since he could then with ease have dematerialised his body before each catastrophe in order to rematerialise it at a time and place where it would have been out of danger. Additionally, it requires that the A-substance necessary for such perfect, permanent materialisation and dematerialisation based on the will exists only in beings who were far beyond the animal one-poled male and female state. Such conditions cannot be said to have existed at the time of Jesus' birth. Jesus' mother was not above the one-poled, marital, sexual condition, for she lived in a marriage with Joseph and with him, her husband, had other children. We must therefore understand that Jesus was just as physical a being as every other being born of a womb and had, of necessity, a physical father as well as a physical mother. Only after his so-called "resurrection" was he, on the given occasions, in an artificial way a materialised being appearing in a temporary physical body maintained temporarily by the A-substance of the persons present and his own A-power. And by dematerialisation his original physical body could be removed from the grave and rematerialised in a place where it could be allowed to disintegrate in the normal process of disintegration laid down for the nature of this body. The appearance of Jesus to his friends and disciples after his death on Golgotha thus happened only in the form of the secondary, temporary form of materialisation, which is today being developed here and there in intimate closed groups or circles all over the world.

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