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Table of Contents for The Immortality of Living Beings   


The Immortality of Living Beings
Chapter 1
Only through the recognition of the immortality of beings can the justice of their happy and unhappy fates be revealed
If human beings are really going to be able to understand the justice of the universe, the justice of the lives of human beings, the justice of the lives of the animals, the justice of all the many forms of unhappy fate that the lives of the living beings of today represent, it is absolutely essential that one comes to understand that all living beings are immortal, which means that behind their perishable physical organism they possess a higher eternal structure made up of ray-formed or psychic matter in which they can experience life without their physical organisms. In this psychic or cosmic structure they can survive every kind of destruction of the physical organism. The being, by means of this spiritual structure, can, through the physical process of fertilization, again assist in the creation and development of the little embryo in the mother's womb that will become its new organism in its new physical life. Since every organism is thus a "created thing", it must again perish. But by virtue of its cosmic or psychic structure the being, as previously mentioned, survives the death of its organism and continues its experience of life in the spiritual or psychic world until the conditions for being able to assist in being born again in the material world are met. And so the being continues a certain epoch of its eternal existence in the form of physical rebirths, until it has reached a certain perfection in thinking and behaviour.

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