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Table of Contents for On the Birth of My Mission   


Chapter 10
The essentials in this account and the basis of my appearance
At this juncture I wish to emphasise that the question of who I am and what I know can be of only secondary importance. The main thing is to demonstrate that manifestation of the Holy Spirit, i.e. an event, in the Bible designated a "revelation" actually has taken place, while I was wide awake, within the scope of my realistic experience. The question of making anyone believe in this revelation may, for my part, be left open. But what, on the other hand, I do want to stress is to demonstrate that the revelation or manifestation of "the Holy Spirit" referred to need not be anything miraculous or mysterious, but an absolutely sober and perspicuous reality, in its way subject to analysis, as intelligible as any other realistic phenomena that we all may meet with in our daily experiences. Consequently, my aim is confined to that of founding a basis for the attainment of knowledge in spheres where my fellow men have had to be content with belief and, accordingly, build on what others have been telling them.
      To diffuse enlightened respect and veneration for the cosmic forces at work in life, to demonstrate that the golden rule of loving one another – these are scientific essentials, sacred to me, all this is the sole basis of my life. Every little area within the labyrinths of mysticism that I may be allowed to transform into veritable science, tending to make God a reality in the minds of my fellow men, is thousandfold more valuable to me than the blind adoration of a million "fools".
      Trusting that I may have made this clear, and that it may prove an aid in your appreciation of truth sublime and continue to study my manifestations, I shall just remind you of your own world redeemer's dictum: "for the tree is known by its fruits".
      To transpose into science the quintessence of infinite truths, uttered by sages throughout the ages, will thus in loving kindness be constituting my "fruits".

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