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Table of Contents for On the Birth of My Mission   


Chapter 13
The state I was in before my spiritual experiences
From my earliest childhood until one evening in March 1921 I was, on the physical plane, just as ignorant of everything related to the concept of "spiritual realities" as any ordinary mortal chosen at random from the rank and file of humanity. I knew nothing about immortality or rebirth. I had no conception of the laws governing our destiny or of the real identity of the animal world. I had no idea of the supremacy of love or the mystery of creation, nor had I any realistic experience of the Deity in my own being. From a religious point of view I was an absolute nondescript. When this condition remained intact until an age of maturity, it was due to the circumstance, in this respect most fortunate, that I had never got into touch with any religious book or sect, apart from the catechism of the national church. Nevertheless I was deeply religious and entertained a heartfelt love of God. I cannot remember a single day that I did not pray to God. But this disposition of mine was my own secret. Jesus was my grand ideal and guide. In all cases of doubt I always formed my question like this: "What would Jesus do in such and such a situation?" and the answer was presently forthcoming. In the fraction of a second I knew how Jesus would have acted in a similar situation. And this led me on to the Father, to the very presence of God. By following the divine decree thus made known to me, I got – unblemished, safe and sound – through all difficulties, temptations, and pitfalls, which otherwise every human being, entering into the world, from his mother's womb more or less is destined to encounter.

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