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Chapter 16
A Christ-like being in dazzling glory
Following the direction given in the borrowed book I, one evening, tried to meditate on the concept "God". And suddenly, without knowing exactly how, I found myself in a condition that made me feel in the presence of something immensely sublime. Quite a small luminous point appeared in the distance. For a moment it disappeared, but shortly after became visible again, this time much nearer. I could now see that the light emanated from a Christ-like being, presenting itself in a dazzling white light, spangled with shades of blue. The light was so intense and vivid that it reminded me of those sparklers we used to put on Christmas trees. The sparks in my revelation, however, were diminutive in comparison, but in return much more numerous.
      There was once more a pause, during which I found myself in complete darkness. But then the figure anew illuminated the plateau. I looked directly into a fiery figure. A Christ-like being of dazzling brightness now moved straight towards me, raising its arms as if about to embrace me. I was entirely paralysed. Unable to make the slightest move, I gazed straight into the radiant being's diaphragm, now just outside of me and on a level with my eyes. But the figure kept closing in, and presently it entered my own flesh and blood. A sublime feeling thrilled me. The paralysis left me. The divine light, which had thus taken possession of me, enabled me to take a sweeping look throughout the world.
      And lo! Continents and oceans, cities and countries, mountains and valleys were all steeped in the light now emanating from my own mind. In this white light the earth was transfigured into "the Kingdom of God".
      The divine experience was over. I had once more before me my physical reality, the details of my room, the modesty of my position. But "the Kingdom of God" kept illuminating my brain and my nerves.

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