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Table of Contents for On the Birth of My Mission   


Chapter 18
Effect of the golden baptism of fire
So overwhelming a concentration of God's supreme being no earthly, animal organism is as yet capable of sustaining, and so I had quickly to break off the divine vision. But even though the celestial experience had to be suspended, I never wholly returned to the physical world. My being had undergone a change. I was born in a new world, had become conscious in a new body. And from that moment, the world beyond all physical phenomena was permanently incorporated in my day-consciousness. The golden light had left me in a condition of conscious immortality, by which I became aware that only life exists, and that darkness and suffering are merely camouflaged love, and that the divine being pervades everything and everybody.
      But in my own being love's flame was greatly manifolded. I saw everything material alive, the manifestation of God, his veritable flesh and blood. I caressed the so-called "dead" as well as the living material, mineral as well as animal matter. I loved the stones as well as the sentient beings, because they all constituted the body of God. And God's body caressed me. It was as if the golden light, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the Father's own consciousness, the sensation of His personal presence as a conscious "I" close to me had left everything in an all-penetrating radiance of love. I felt that everything was radiating sympathy, within and outside myself. I was being loved by this Father. And with an affection firmly reciprocated I re-entered the physical world. The sufferings, sorrows, and tribulations of animals and men were again evident to me, the shady zone of existence once more predominated. But above the deep shadows of the darker zone the golden light kept scintillating in my heart and mind. In my brain and along my spine I still felt the warmth of the supernatural light. From my hands and my lips it has already been brought, and will continue to be brought, to shine in other brains, to vibrate in other spines, to scintillate in other eyes, and to be apprehended by other minds. My word is the torchlight of life. The divine spirit of it lights up in darkness, removes erroneous belief, and brings about the love of God. Everyone living in harmony with this will get to love the Father, and will no more be walking in darkness. For loving the Father is equivalent to loving the world, including everything and everybody. This all-pervading love cannot but result in a general mental cohabitation. And this again means the perfect satisfaction of our greatest desires, the fullest acquisition of life, the maximal sensation of happiness, the true experience of bliss.

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