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Table of Contents for On the Birth of My Mission   


Chapter 20
What in my spiritual experiences is fundamental to the investigator
Of paramount importance to the reader is not my spiritual experiences as such, but the effects they have had, for these can more or less be verified by anyone morally disposed and sufficiently impartial and open-minded. These effects constitute my collected manifestations: the creation of a real, mathematical analysis of the world, an absolutely incontestable spiritual science and the beginnings of the emergence of a new mentality, a new culture resting on this spiritual science, in which a genuine understanding of life, its distinctive loving principles and culminating logic may be summarised by the words "Everything is very good". From Utopias we may thus pass on to a world of realities and tangible facts, accessible to each and every person whose intelligence and emotion have matured accordingly.
      But understanding of this cannot possibly be acquired by mere reading, nor can it be imparted by others. It can be turned into the fact for the researcher or seeker only through absolutely voluntary and impartial appropriation of this mission of mine, transferred to his own consciousness, in his own daily life, and in his own reaction to all his environments. Only people ethically defect would pass their verdict without making their own observations. But in order fully to realise this, it is incumbent on the student, to the best of his ability, to make my mission part of his own life, for only by so doing will he experience the truth of a serene existence in the golden-white illumination of organisms in dazzling brightness.

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