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Table of Contents for On the Birth of My Mission   


Chapter 3
To whom the birth of my mission is recounted
If you happen to get into touch with the following account, roughly sketching the career of my life as one grand revelation of divine wisdom, resulting in a permanent transformation of religion into science, please remember, according to the above, that I am not here addressing myself to those who in advance repudiate my message, biased against it through the assumption of having attained to the summit of religious experiences by virtue of "faith", thus considering themselves "saved" and "blessed". Rest assured, on the other hand, that I am seriously addressing myself to each and every person that is sufficiently mature not to form any judgment on the basis of mere suppositions, such as denoted by "faith", but exclusively to those who are impartial seekers after truth, to whom, accordingly, actual "knowledge" is sacred, hence eagerly pursued, the only basis for their reasoning power, their judgment, and their mode of action.

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