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Table of Contents for On the Birth of My Mission   


Chapter 7
It is not the object of the initiated to plagiarise the manifestations of other initiated individuals, but only, mentally and morally, to deepen man's comprehension of life
When the Spirit of God overshadows an individual in his physical life, it is exclusively in order to convey something new to the human race, so as to raise the ethical standard to a still higher level. The initiated mediator, therefore, will never undertake to plagiarise what has already been communicated or revealed by the spirit of God through the instrumentality of any other initiated individual. "New wine is not put into old leather bottles." The initiate has always come to the world in order to disclose or reveal a continuance of the divine plan for human existence. Consequently he will always thwart traditions and dogmas that are out of date by exploding old prejudices. If he did not do so, if he confined himself to what thousands of clergymen, religious speakers, and others, according to messages propounded by inspired leaders of the past, keep on repeating throughout the world, what would be the use of his manifestation? In order to reiterate what has been preached for centuries there would be no need of any overshadowing by the Holy Spirit, no initiation, no cosmic consciousness or vision. The clear-sighted initiate, accordingly, is not called upon to replace the manifestation of another equally initiated individual, whoever he may be. His mission in life is solely that of producing fresh material for the expansion of mankind's mentality, morality and understanding of the true, real life behind all outer phenomena.
      It behoves you, therefore, to react circumspectly whenever you hear anyone tell you things that you have not been accustomed to acknowledge in the way of morals or ideals. You might meet with a new messenger of God. And now suppose that you were to censure, defame and oppose his mission, would you not thereby be opposing God himself, thus making nought of the promises couched in your own religion by counteracting the consummation of the highest human aspirations?
      You may be a clergyman, a member of the Oxford or Evangelical movement, an Adventist, a spiritist, you may embrace the anthroposophical or theosophical persuasion etc. – all of which does not exempt you from acting according to your own personal responsibility. Was it not the very Chief Priest himself that became a "Caiaphas"? Was it not, moreover, among all the rest in whom the official dignity as "moral guardians" was vested, the most zealous advocates for the crucifixion of Christ were found? And did not Jesus himself say that "the first shall be the last"? It is hardly this position you aspire to! So be on your guard lest, sooner or later, you may be confronted with a corresponding problem, however self-confident in your own salvation you may feel today!

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