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Table of Contents for On the Birth of My Mission   


Chapter 9
My wish for my readers
Now perhaps the following question about my own person may have turned up in your mind: Do these admonitory words that you have been addressing to me denote that you yourself are "overshadowed by the Holy Spirit", that you are an "initiated adept", and am I supposed to believe that you even are a "world redeemer"? – Let me at once make it clear to you that, for my part, I entertain absolutely no wish that you or anyone else should "believe" anything whatever. I am anxious only to make people investigate for themselves the actual facts relating to the divine manifestation in palpable, physical phenomena, in whomever and wherever this might appear, so as to change mere belief into certainty, ignorance into knowledge, religion into science. I am desirous of subduing every form of personal worship and, on the contrary am working for an ever increasing recognition of the veritable existence of the Holy Spirit.
      When in the above I have spoken so freely, it is certainly not do draw attention to myself – my personal and private ego. I am not so naive as to imagine that a personal prestige is attainable by merely speaking of oneself. I am fully aware that only a demonstration of the real facts will supply religious material that would appeal to scientifically minded people of the twentieth century. "Flattering words" will but "delight fools", and homage on this plane of consciousness would only be the aim of a "fool", i.e. one who is over-ambitious, thirsting for personal honour and admiration, wishing to be adored, lionised, and idolised, hence regarding everything else as of minor importance.
      But how is such an individual to be a sober-minded and impartial channel for the manifestation of truth in the supreme sense? To a person for whom the verification of truth is of less importance than the admiration of himself, truth will be veiled, in as far as he is hankering for mere adoration. And the natural reaction characterising a normal person in quest of the truth must be neutralised to the extent that he is the one coining the truth, and not vice versa. The light of revelation, therefore, will inevitably be obscured by passing through individuals egotistically disposed.

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