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Eternal Life
Chapter 13
The Living Being
The highly developed researcher and the illusory appearance of "created things"  1053. We have now come so far in the cosmic analyses set forth in "Livets Bog (The Book of Life)" that we have gained sufficient clarity about the perfect, outer, cosmic, technical structure of the living being. We have learnt that all manifestations of movement or energy are expressions of life or functions of consciousness, and thus appear as the mental chemicals or cosmic chemical substances of life itself. We have seen that this entire great manifestation of movement or functioning of consciousness is a manifestation of an interplay between the seven basic energies of the universe, and that this interplay takes the form of an eternally functioning cycle, in which six of the basic energies have each their own sphere of culmination, thereby forming their own independent plane. Each plane is a zone of existence for living beings.
      We have satisfied ourselves that what we call the Godhead, planes of existence, the universe, Nature or life is identical with this interplay of basic energies. Furthermore it has become a fundamental reality for us that this entire revelation of manifestations of movement or energy constitutes a "triune principle", that is, the I, the consciousness and the organism. We know that none of these three units can possibly exist independently, but each appears solely by virtue of the existence of the other two, just as we have also seen that the same units by their very nature are nameless, this being the reason why we have expressed each of them by their own "X".
      As regards these "X's", we know that the third X constitutes everything that comes under the concept of "substance", "matter", "created things", "creation", "spiral cycles" or "involution" and "evolution". We know that this "involution" and "evolution" constitute the I's feeling of its own eternal existence or experience of an eternal, continuous life, just as, through numerous analyses of these "X's", we have received a wealth of information about how this "eternal life", in its highest, cosmic existence, is a balance or equilibrium of all existing contrasts, and therefore, in this highest existence, cannot have any analysis apart from the fact that it constitutes "something that is", and in so doing constitutes the originator of life itself or "something no. 1". That all the details accessible to the senses and produced in "X3", such as "large" and "small", "time" and "space", "love" and "hatred", "primitivity" and "high-intellectuality", "involution" and "evolution" and so on, are illusory in this highest appearance, is thus merely what is by now a matter of course for the highly developed reader of the present work. But he does not feel uneasy. For it is just as much a matter of course for him that this existence of the balance of all contrasts, which means their total cessation as contrasts, lies quite outside any possibility for experience whatsoever because of "X2", which, throughout the cycle, eternally determines the continued existence of the contrasts and thereby the eternal existence of the very faculty to experience.

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