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Table of Contents for The Eternal World Picture, vol. 1   


A.1  The world's greatest religious command
Why should one study the cosmic analyses of the universe, which for some beings may be difficult to understand? Human beings have through their religions and world redeemers been shown the way to God! Is there really anyone who can see a better and more perfect way to God, or any real cultural guidance better than that which has already been given, for example in Jesus' sermon on the mount and other holy precepts of Christ? Can one get a better instruction on the way to light than this: "Love your God above all things and your neighbour as yourself"? The answer must be that it would be quite impossible to show any way to God, to light, or make any absolutely perfect cultural creation that has not first and foremost the same unshakable divine command in its instruction as life's real foundation. So it is absolutely not in order to lead human beings away from the holy commands of Christ, or away from any other of the great world religions and their more or less holy commands or instructions in morals and ways of living. Consequently the cosmic analyses and symbols concerning the structure of life are presented in such a way as to show that the core in the revealed great cosmic conclusions or religious dogmas of the past is the absolute truth.

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