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Table of Contents for The Eternal World Picture, vol. 1   


The Symbols
B.1  The purpose of the symbols
By means of the symbols it is possible to give to the reader an easily comprehensible view over the cosmic structure of the universe itself. The purpose of these symbols is only to mark the absolute fundamentally leading principles and laws in the structure and manifestation of life or the universe. They constitute visible markings of intangible cosmic analysable spheres, which in themselves are eternal and therefore exist outside time and space. These spheres thus do not have any temporal and spatial form. But that does not prevent them from existing as "Something that is". Since this "Something" constitutes an unshakable reality on which all life is based, then it is necessary that one becomes conversant with the eternal realities that this "Something" constitutes, if one hopes to be able to experience completely and rationally the solution to the mystery of life. These phenomena existing behind time and space are, as previously mentioned, described very extensively in Livets Bog. Here we shall therefore explain only the symbols, which, in relation to that book's cosmic analyses, are the same as a map is in relation to geography.

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