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The Spirit of God upon the Face of the Waters
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1.1  There is consciousness behind all the creative processes of Nature or the universe
When the Christian world religion teaches that the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, that God created the world by virtue of His spirit, then it is an expression of the real cosmic truth. Since spirit is the same as consciousness, then it means that there is consciousness behind all Nature's, the whole universe's abundance of creative processes. That it is so becomes a fact for the developed researcher by virtue of the fact that every one of these processes is logical. They are built up according to plan, calculated to be able to fulfil one or another profitable purpose. If we observe the creations that Nature has realised, then they are all without exception ultimately, in one way or another, a joy and blessing for living beings. We only need to look at our own organism and at the organisms of the animals and the plants. Are they not all just perfectly constructed and most ingeniously adapted to the temporary existence and life-experience of their originator? How should the creations of these organisms as well as all other created things in the universe come into existence in such an ingenious way, if there was not "something living" behind the creation, which had the wisdom, love and omnipotence to bring the processes of creation to such a perfect final result?

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