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Explanation of symbol no. 10
10.1  This symbol symbolises the result of the universe's "X1" and "X2", that is the result of the Godhead's faculty to create, which consists of the sum total of the creative faculties of all living beings. This result is the visible universe or "X3". The universe thus constitutes the organism of the Godhead, which in turn consists of the living beings' organisms and constitutes everything that comes under the concept of temporal and spatial realities, which means macrocosmic and microcosmic organisms as well as mesocosmic ones, all constituting created tools for the unfoldment of the Godhead's faculty to create and the resulting maintenance of the eternal experience of life.
      In this symbol we see six coloured areas. They are the Godhead's fields of consciousness. These fields are produced by virtue of six cooperating basic energies. We know these basic energies under the concepts the "energy of instinct", the "energy of gravity", the "energy of feeling", the "energy of intelligence", the "energy of intuition" and the "energy of memory". By means of these energies the Godhead's faculty to create and the living beings' faculty to create are combined in an eternal cooperation. The result of this cooperation constitutes, as we shall see later, the great spheres of life experience. Firstly there is the "sphere of instinct", which we know under the concept of the "plant kingdom", indicated in the symbol by the red colour. Next comes the "sphere of gravity", indicated by the orange colour, which we know under the concept of the "animal kingdom". Then the "sphere of feeling", marked by the yellow colour. This sphere constitutes the totally perfect "human kingdom". The next sphere is the "sphere of intelligence" indicated by the green colour. We have called this sphere the "kingdom of wisdom". The following sphere constitutes the "sphere of intuition", indicated by the blue colour. We have called this sphere the "divine world". Finally the last sphere, the "sphere of memory", is indicated by the light indigo colour. We have called this sphere the "kingdom of bliss". In the explanation of the next Symbol no. 11 we will further elaborate on the Godhead's and the living beings' consciousness and cooperation.

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