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The Eternal World Picture,
The Living Being 2,
The Eternal Godhead and the Eternal Sons of God
Symbol no. 11
11.1  The universe appears as a living being
We have now come so far in our presentation of the essence of the cosmic basic analyses of the universe that we have seen that the structure of the universe fulfils precisely the trinity or three conditions that are required in order that a "Something" can appear as a "living being". We have seen that this trinity constitutes three analyses, which we have expressed as "X1", "X2" and "X3", which in turn respectively constitute the "I of the Universe", the "universe's faculty to create" and the result of this faculty to create, which means "that which is created". We have thus seen that the universe, like living beings, constitutes a "Something that is". This "Something" is the most supreme reality of the universe and life, just as, in the form of the I, it is the most supreme reality in every living being. This "Something" cannot be compared to anything whatsoever, as it is beyond everything that exists. It is thus the absolutely only thing of its kind that exists. It differs from everything else in that it is the directing, experiencing and creating originator of all existing living beings, just as it also differs from everything else in that it constitutes absolutely complete stillness. It cannot therefore be identical with any kind of matter whatever, as matter or substance cannot exist without being "movement". It has neither a beginning nor an end. It is indivisible. It has no dimensions in time or space. So in the analysis of the universe itself we come to the same characteristic experiencing and creating "Something" as the creating and experiencing "Something" that we arrived at in Symbol no. 6 in the living being as its "I", which we expressed as "X1". This emphasises the fact that the universe, like the living being, has an I, and here it begins to be seen as a "living being".

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