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The Combinations of the Basic Energies
Symbol no. 12
12.1  The terrestrial human being is partly "human being" and partly "animal"
As we have already observed, there exist seven cosmic basic energies by virtue of which all functions of life, creation and experience are produced. The seventh basic energy, which we already know under the concept of the "mother energy", produces, in connection with the "I", the function of the superconsciousness, just as it also holds the other six basic energies in six different changing combinations. In each combination they are all six present, but not in equally great amounts. In this way these six combinations become different. Each of these combinations constitutes a plane of existence. Of these planes of existence the two first ones are generally known under the concept of the "plant kingdom" and the "animal kingdom", while the third plane of existence, i.e. the true "human kingdom", is only partly known. The terrestrial human beings are, as we shall see, not yet so developed that they constitute this perfect plane of existence. Their mentality or psyche and way of living are still to a high degree ruled by animal aptitudes of selfishness or egoism, while the "human aptitudes" of unselfishness or neighbourly love are still so little prevalent that the beings are absolutely only partly "human beings" and partly "animals". This is what the "sphinx", i.e. the figure representing the animal with the human head, expresses. The common terrestrial man is thus more or less an unfinished "human being".

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