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Explanation of symbol no. 12
12.3  The coloured areas between the horizontal black lines in this symbol constitute the planes of existence. In the symbol we see six of these planes, with the lowest one repeated above them and the last one repeated below them. These two repeated ones show merely that the planes of existence repeat themselves successively and continuously. The six planes of existence in the centre of the symbol appearing between these two repeated ones constitute a cosmic epoch of life, which we have called a "cosmic evolutionary spiral". In a later symbol we will return to the explanation of these cosmic spiral sections. Farthest to the left and farthest to the right on the symbol we see some almost square areas. The colours of these areas indicate the spiral section's six planes of existence, reading from the bottom upwards: the plant kingdom (the red colour), the animal kingdom (the orange colour), the human kingdom (the yellow colour), the kingdom of wisdom (the green colour), the divine world (the blue colour) and the kingdom of bliss (the light indigo colour).
      Between the coloured areas in the symbol farthest to the right and to the left we see six coloured figures that span the planes of existence indicated in the symbol. These figures express the six basic energies' eternal condition of development bound by law. We see that each figure has a narrow area; this symbolises that each basic energy has a latent or minimum stage of development. Then we see that the figures expand through two fields towards their maximum area of development in the third stage, when they, from this stage, and through the next two stages, narrow down again to a latent or smallest stage of development in the sixth stage. They then repeat this rhythm, and so on indefinitely. This symbolises that each basic energy, after its latent or minimum stage of development, increases through two stages in development in order to culminate in capacity in the fourth stage, after which it decreases in development through the fifth and sixth stages and reaches its latent or minimum development in a new spiral section. The spaces between the black horizontal lines are, as has been said, planes of existence. In this symbol we see each basic energy's state of development or capacity in each plane of existence. On the lowest plane of existence in the symbol we see that the energy of instinct (the red colour) appears at its greatest development or highest capacity. Next comes the energy of gravity (the orange colour). It appears in its stage before the stage of culmination. The next basic energy is the energy of feeling (the yellow colour). It is in its first stage after the latent one. After this comes the energy of intelligence (the green colour), appearing here in its smallest development or latent condition. Then comes the energy of intuition (the blue colour), which is in its last stage before latency. Finally there is the energy of memory (the light indigo colour), and this is in the last but one stage before the latent one. It is this combination of the basic energies that forms the plant kingdom. We see how the transformation of this combination of the basic energies leads to the next kingdom, i.e. the animal kingdom and further on to the human kingdom, the kingdom of wisdom, the divine world and the kingdom of bliss, after which it continues in the form of a new plant kingdom, animal kingdom, human kingdom, etc. We could also call these kingdoms the kingdom of instinct, the kingdom of gravity, the kingdom of feeling, the kingdom of intelligence, the kingdom of intuition and the kingdom of memory respectively, all according to the basic energy culminating in the concerned kingdom or plane of existence.
      We have seen the combination and capacity of the six basic energies in each plane of existence. By means of the next symbols we will explain how these energies are material for the living being's mentality, organism and way of being, and show how these changing combinations of the basic energies are the foundation and guarantee of eternal life, not only for all existing living beings' immortality and eternal life, but also for this eternal life becoming a guarantee for an eternal experience of culminating wisdom and love.

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