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The Eternal World Plan
Symbol no. 13
13.1  The display of life in each plane of existence constitutes the reaction of the six basic energies' special display of capacity in the concerned plane
As we have seen above, the mutual conditions of the basic energies form six different planes of existence. These in turn constitute the six basic forms that the living being's experience of life takes. Each of these basic forms of life experience are triggered, as we have seen in Symbol no. 12, by a culminating basic energy and a latent one, together with two energies that are increasing towards a culmination and two energies that are decreasing towards a minimum or a latent state. The particular condition of experience and display of life belonging to each plane of existence is thus the same as the display of the combined reaction of the six basic energies' mutually different capacities in the plane of existence in question. This reaction will thus be characterised or governed by the basic energies, which have the greatest capacity to manifest on the above-mentioned plane. Each basic energy has thus a plane of existence in which it culminates or plays the principal part, while, always in accordance with its capacity, it plays only a correspondingly greater or smaller subordinate part in the other planes of existence. We have therefore named each plane of existence after the basic energy that culminates or has the greatest capacity to manifest on the plane concerned. We already know these planes of existence as planes of instinct, gravity, feeling, intelligence, intuition and memory, which in turn are the same as what we call the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom, the kingdom of wisdom, the divine world and the kingdom of bliss respectively. How the experience and manifestation of life takes shape on the different planes of existence is naturally dependent on each single basic energy's capacity for manifestation, and the degree of capacity that is manifest in its connection with the other five basic energies in that plane of existence. We must therefore now consider each basic energy in turn.

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