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Explanation of symbol no. 13
13.9  This symbol in its entirety symbolises how the living being is inseparably connected to an eternally divine world plan. By virtue of this plan it is the ruler of the production of mental light and darkness and is thereby the ruler of the production of the so-called "evil" and the so-called "good". In this way it learns which experiences render it capable of manifesting light and shade in its way of being so that this way ultimately becomes life's greatest and most perfect work of art, and the being itself the greatest artist in life, namely as the "human being in God's image, after His likeness".
      The white triangle in the middle of the symbol symbolises the source of the universe, the eternal nameless "Something" or the I of the Godhead.
      The round white figures in the ring-shaped coloured area each symbolise an I in a living being.
      The radiant cross behind the white triangle is merely to indicate the total or culminating perfection of the divine world plan. The cross is an eternal symbol for the way of being in "God's image, after His likeness", which is the way of living in culminating love, that is, "loving God above all things and your neighbour as yourself".
      The violet area around the triangle is a symbol of the Godhead's faculty to create, or "X2", while the triangle is a symbol of all three "X's". "X2" and "X3" are represented by separate symbols only when it is necessary in order to clarify their interpretation.
      The six sections into which the symbol is divided constitute the six planes of existence engendered by the basic energies, which altogether constitute, as we shall see later, a "spiral cycle".
      The circular coloured area symbolises the region of display of the basic energies as the "material" of the planes of existence.
      The six diamond-shaped figures, which are connected with the violet area, symbolise the living being's complete organism as it appears in each of the six planes of existence. The six coloured areas shown in each of these six figures symbolise the organs or bodies of the six basic energies of which the living beings' entire organism constitutes a combination. We see that these organic combinations are partly connected with the Godhead's "X2" or the faculty to create and partly with the source of its own region of superconsciousness, which is symbolised here by the violet ring-shaped figure around the white area, just as it is also connected by this region of superconsciousness with its own I. When the superconsciousness of the living being is symbolised here by a ring-shaped figure, then it symbolises only that a multitude of living beings are found within the planes of existence and therefore also a multitude of superconsciousnesses. We have therefore symbolised this multitude by the ring-shaped figure.
      The coloured areas in each of the six diamond-shaped figures symbolise, as previously mentioned, the organs or bodies of the six basic energies within these organic combinations or integral organisms. These integral organisms have thus an organ or body for each basic energy, which means that they have a body of instinct, a body of gravity, a body of feeling, a body of intelligence, a body of intuition and a body of memory. These bodies are local organs in the integral organisms on every plane of existence.
      The punctured lines going from one local organ to the next in these integral organisms each indicate how the capacity of the bodies of the basic energies changes from plane of existence to plane of existence, whereby the form of manifestation and experience of life also changes from plane to plane.
      The capacities of the bodies of the basic energies are indicated by the size of their symbols in these six figures. In each of the six integral organisms, which the diamond-shaped symbols represent, we see the capacity of the body of one basic energy in culmination or appearing in its highest unfoldment, whereby it plays a leading role in the living being's experience of life and manifestation in that plane of existence. But we also see that there is one of these bodies of basic energy in this integral organism in a latent state or is in its smallest unfoldment. This body is marked in the symbol as being inside the violet field. As the punctured lines show, two bodies of the basic energies are progressing forward towards their culmination or greatest capacity, and two are degenerating or declining towards their smallest capacity. After this the concerned body will again develop towards its culmination or greatest capacity, and after this again decrease in capacity towards its smallest unfoldment or latent state, and so on. The structure of faculty of manifestation and life experience of all existing living beings is subject to an eternal transformation because of this condition of change, which is governed by the mother energy, in the bodies of the basic energies. Without this transformation all experience of life and manifestation would be a complete impossibility, quite apart from the fact that matter would not exist either. An eternal death would rule where the universe today radiates and glitters as an eternally unshakable living panorama of life.
      On the spiral cycle's six planes of existence shown in this symbol we have thus symbolised the perfect structure of each living being's present state of life on each plane of existence in its special integral organism. Between these symbolised culminating integral organisms there is naturally found a countless number of other integral organisms, but they will all, in their structure and construction, more or less constitute the transitional stages from the one plane of existence to the other. We know this transformation of the beings from one condition to the other by the concept of "evolution". But this expression is only partly valid as the beings also undergo a transformation in the spiral cycle that we have had to call "involution", and we shall have more to say about this later.

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