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The Law of Movement
Symbol no. 15
15.1  The Godhead's I and faculty to create exist in every being's organism and faculty to create
Through the foregoing cosmic analyses of the symbol explanations we have become acquainted with the living structure of the universe as an organism for a gigantic living being, in which we all live and move and have our being. And we have seen the living being's identity is that it is an eternal or immortal triune principle. We have seen that this principle applies to the universe just as well as to us or to any other living being. These three principles we know as the living being's I, its faculty to create, and creation. The most supreme "Something" in a living being's organism is its I or the "Something" that rules over the organism, and that experiences and creates by means of the physical and spiritual structure of its organism. This applies to all the beings in the Godhead's organism or the universe, both in the microcosmos and in the macrocosmos, since all living beings together constitute the inseparable unit or the living being that we call God. The living beings' I's together constitute, as previously mentioned, the I of the Godhead their creative faculties and organisms together constitute the Godhead's faculty to create and organism. The Godhead's I and faculty to create thus exist in every existing being's I and faculty to create. All creation is therefore God's manifestation, just as every experience is an experience of God's manifestation.

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