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Explanation of symbol no. 15
15.11  The round white figure at the top symbolises the spherical form that represents the cosmic basic balance of all movement.
      The uppermost white line symbolises the so-called "straight line". But this designation does not hold good in the absolute or cosmic sense, as the above-mentioned line in itself is curved so as to constitute a part of a circle that is forty metres in diameter. In a certain area the curvature is so microscopic that it is completely invisible to the physical senses. It consequently appears as a "straight line".
      The other white lines in this symbol also indicate circles, but here the circles are so small and the curvature so great that it can be seen with the physical sight. Any circle accordingly has a part where the curvature is so microscopic that one cannot see it with one's physical sight.
      From the white arcs in the symbol we see how the curvature decreases and becomes smaller and smaller as the circles in question increase in size, until the curvature is so small that we cannot see it. Then we have before us the straight line shown at the top.
      In view of the fact that a straight line does not exist, then every square, as the symbol shows, in the absolute sense or a cosmic point of view, will also be, to some extent an illusion, since all apparently straight surfaces must also be curved, but these curvatures are so microscopic that they cannot be sensed. And the surfaces will thus appear to be straight and not arched or the surfaces of a ball, which they actually are from a spiritual or cosmic point of view.
      Those circles indicated on the symbol by the thin lines express merely that all kinds of movement in the universe move in circular paths, which here means that all existing forms of matter or substance, regardless of which, regardless of whether they are solid, liquid, gaseous or ray-formed, move in cycles. This is why we have day and night, winter and summer, spring and autumn, childhood and youth, manhood and old age. Everything is governed by physical and spiritual cycles. If the energies were not governed by cycles, neither life experience nor fate would exist, neither consciousness nor organisms, neither continents nor seas, neither planets nor suns or galaxies. The Godhead would be a "Something" that would live in a perfect "nothing" without mentality or consciousness, since there would nothing that existed as "living beings". A "Something" enveloped in absolutely nothing cannot be a living being. The eternal Godhead, whose consciousness is solely the living beings of the universe, would thus be a complete impossibility. A "nothing" would brood, where God's spirit now shines, warms and, as life, breathes the glorious radiance of His eternal consciousness into all things living.

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