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The Principle of World Redemption
Symbol no. 2
2.1  The parent principle
In the explanation of Symbol no. 1 we mentioned that the creative processes of Nature are logical, and therefore there would have to be a living originator for these creative processes. We shall here by means of Symbol no. 2 indicate a sphere of these creative processes, which to a special degree shows not only logic, but also love. All the highest developed animals, just like human beings, are subject to a principle that we express as the "parent principle". Thanks to this principle no offspring can be born in the spheres of life of these beings but by virtue of a pair of parents. In these parents a certain form of love is normally created for this offspring. This love reflects itself in the fact that the mentioned parents provide for their infant until it has grown old enough to be able to maintain its own life. This offspring is thus protected, looked after and nursed by the parents as long as it is helpless. Without this love there would not be any possibility for higher forms of life to incarnate in the Earth's special physical structure, and it is only false parents who show carelessness or lack of sympathy or love for their offspring. That the propagation of the lower forms of life takes place in another way where this love is not necessary, on account of other forms of protection or help for the welfare and well-being of the offspring, does not change the identity of this parent principle as love.

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