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Explanation of symbol no. 2
2.4  The step formation in the middle of the symbol symbolises terrestrial human beings' stages or steps in evolution from "animal" to "human being".
      The orange-coloured field symbolises the "animal kingdom". The unfinished human being is not free of it until he has overcome his animal tendencies.
      The yellow field symbolises the totally perfect "human kingdom", where everyone loves everyone else, and where there is neither war, suffering nor pain. Here the whole of mankind has become one people, one flock and one shepherd.
      The shining area with the star above symbolises the Godhead, who is Providence for and Father of all living beings.
      The rays that radiate from the star and down over the step formation symbolise God's spirit in the form of the world religions, and thus the principle of world redemption. That there are only three rays does not mean that there are only three world religions. On the contrary, they just mean that there are many religions.
      The lowest part of these rays is orange-coloured, which means that here the religions stimulate the animal or killing principle in the human beings. The worship of God will therefore here be more or less inhuman or "heathen". The yellow areas in the rays symbolise that on these steps human beings have grown forward to the humane religions, of which Christianity is one.
      When the rays on the top are white and meet in the light figure or the star, which, as previously mentioned, symbolises the Godhead, then it means that here all the religions of the world are replaced by cosmic science. Cosmic science can constitute only the absolute truth, which is itself the solution to the mystery of life, and this can only be the same for all.
      On the topmost step the human being's faculty of love for his neighbour, and the resultant faculty of intuition, have become so developed that the human being, by virtue of this, becomes conscious of God's consciousness or the so-called "holy spirit". He here attains to becoming the "human being in the image of God, after His likeness", which in turn means, the completely perfect human being. It is here that this being becomes the way, the truth and the life.

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