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3.1  Sabotaged normality
Intolerance is the cause of war's flames of death. Where two beings have entangled themselves in these flames and thus are at war with each other, whether it be two animals, two human beings or two or more nations, then they sabotage the keynote of the universe, "love", which in turn is the same as absolute peace, joy and blessing. When one thus sabotages life's mental foundation, how can there be peace, joy and well-being in the thought world or mental world of the belligerent parties? How can the beings be physically happy when their thought world is taken up with the idea of how they can carry out or continue the sabotage against their enemies? Is it not just this situation that makes these beings afraid of retaliation, and consequently they try further to strengthen their faculty of defence with still more murderous, refined weapons? And must they not therefore continue with this murderous development of weapons to even "devilish" limits, till, in one or another way, there is a reconciliation between the parties? Always having enemies, and therefore all the time having to defend themselves against enemies can result only in sabotaged normality for the attacker as well as for the defender. Sabotaged normality is the same as the human being's way of living expressing disharmony with the keynote of the universe, love, which in turn is that spirit of God which in the Bible is expressed as the "holy spirit". Since spirit is the same as consciousness, thoughts and knowledge, then the spirit of the Godhead is the normal consciousness of the universe. To be in disharmony with this spirit means war, unhappiness and suffering or all that falls under the concept of "evil fate".

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